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Our Setup.

HØST has access to some the very best photographic and motion picture equipment available, thanks to our partnership with REDEFINE Rentals.
Our work-horse cameras are the Canon 5d mrk III’s with Canon L lenses. They create an incredible still image and work perfectly for  web based HD films. For projects that require a more accurate and cinematic look, we pull out the RED EPIC and our Schneider Cine Zenar III’s. Simply put, there is nothing you can’t achieve with this setup.

Our filmmakers and Photographers have a rich knowledge of these cameras and are available for hire as Camera Techs, Operators, and DP’s. When you hire HØST we will work with you to choose the best most efficient equipment for your project.

The HØST team also offers a range of different post production services such as:

Color Grading
Sound Design
Motion Titles

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