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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." Mark Twian

Great tools for Filmmakers.

If you love Film and Photography as much as us, here are a few awesome Blogs and Sites that keep us inspired and help us to develop the aesthetic of our projects. : An incredible resourse for developing a color pallet for your films. MoviesInColor breaks down the color themes of some of the more beautifully shot and designed films, current and classic. It helps you to understand the intricacies of the scene, and focus on how and why the image works for the story and the overall feeling of the film. : Before we start a project we create a folder on our Copy Drive where we drop hundreds of “inspirational” snippets, ranging from  photos, to logos, to paintings, and everything inbetween. Designspiration is a collective of thousands of art enthusiasts that share their favorite finds of the day. We love it because there is a certain randomness to it that will often help us expand the boundaries of a project, but also there is an incredible search engine that allows you to filter by colors, keywords, and mediums which is so beneficial when you have a clear vision and need examples for clients and crew. : Our daily tech and industry news site. NoFilmSchool posts original articles but also does a fantastic job at compiling all the best Industry and tech news so we don’t have to jump around the web to find the goodies of the day. : This blog is a little hit or miss (unlike the ASC publication which is absolutly incredible) but when it hits, it hits hard. Some of the most incredible cinematography reads comes out of this blog, from interviews with top cinematographers to demonstrations on lighting and camera technique. : Proof that it can be done, and done well. We visit this site to keep our spirits high, and to stoke the fire to continue forward. Visit the site and support the artists, ever if thats just by watching their films.

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