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1/24th – Stills from Cinema – Lawrence of Arabia

“Sunday Night Movie Night”is something we have done for years, it not only gives us an excuse to have some beers and watch amazing films, but it also helps to broaden our visual/cinematic prospective.

Following movie night on Monday, we would often find ourselves jumping on the computer to “ScreenGrab” the shots we loved the most, and we thought you might also be interested in taking a look, maybe pulling a little inspiration out of it also.

We are calling it 1/24. There are 24 frames a second in film and we are extracting 1 frame from our favorite visual moments, focusing on lighting, color, and composition. We will be adding a new collection every monday, so stay on the lookout. Note: 1/24th is a celebration of the visuals of a film, there will be no analysis or commentary, just images. 

Film : Lawrence of Arabia
Year : 1977
Directed by : David Lean
Cinematography by : Freddie Young

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