Todays Quote
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." Mark Twian

There are two things today in business that are more important than ever before. Tell the truth, and make a product that’s as good as your best lie.

Consumers are smart and extremely well informed, so advertising can no longer act as a facade. A great ad no longer masks an inferior product, consumers understand the difference.

A successful product today is one that is very simply worth it. Worth somebody’s money, worth somebodys time, and worth the raw materials that go into making it. The advertising that follows aids in developing a relationship with the consumer, it helps them to understand the value of, and in your product. At HØST we are not advertisers, we are journalists. We do not make commercials, we make short documentaries. At HØST we tell the truth because your products and your customers deserve nothing else, and nothing else will do.

Because of social media, the influence of one voice is exponentially more powerful. For some brands this is terrifying, but at HØST we consider this an incredible tool for you business. Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest-Vimeo-Youtube offer a vast and active audience that is desperate to support and purchase products that mean something, products that have soul. At HØST we not only tell your story, but we aid in distributing your media over the social media spectrum. People want to share beautiful things, people want to share beautiful stories. HØST makes this possible for you.

Having rich and truthful media that approaches consumers with respect for their knowledge is essential. We understand that today it is always a question never a statement. Our work asks you “what do you think?” never telling  you “this is how to think”.

At HØST we make media that promotes a conversation, pure and simple.